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The Executive Trailers have 2 seperate cubicles, bringing an upmarket experience to your event

All Event Portables are flushable with fresh water basins. The 4-sided Urinals allows a gender specific area to be created for larger public events

Offering Crowd Control, Barrier and Picket fencing, allows you to contain entrance to areas and manage order


Our friendly, reliable and well trained staff wil ensure your toilets and venue remains spotles before, during and after the event

BEE Level 2 Mobile Toilet Rental Supplier of:


Executive Mobile Toilet Trailers


Event Portables Toilets and Urinals


Wheelchair Accessible Portable Toilets


Janitor Services


Event Fencing


Event Cleaning


Waste Management 






2006 Elite Sanitation started out as a small intermediary between Toilet Companies and Clients, and today we are still small enough to care but big enough to compete as a Level 2 BEE in product and price with the who's who in the industry.


We are now a BEE Level 2!

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We offer Otto Bins with Bin Liners, various size Skip Bins and waste sorting for recycle purposes